It’s only another 6 weeks before 2020 opens in all its glory for us. With so much to do on the  personal side to get ready for the holidays and then the new year … its important to make time for your business too. What do you have to do to get your business ready for a new decade? Read more

What media choices are you using to promote, expand and grow your business? Read more

Our Mission Statement … taking the heart, the soul, the very essence of your business and sharing that vision with the world. Read more

How to Research Prospects Before an Initial Meeting … And What to Look For?

You’re at a social gathering and you over hear a conversation involving what you quickly recognize as your ‘perfect prospect’. The reason you know its your ‘perfect prospect’ is because you’ve done your background work already and you know their relevant demographics and psychographics. So, as you over hear that conversation, a part of your brain lights up with excitement and anticipation … the next step is research. Read more


We’re into the second half of September which means that we’re probably all back at it after some good family and friend activity over the summer.

Sooner than we’d like to think, we’ll be turning our attention to personal and business goals and visions for 2020. Read more

With only a couple of weeks before back to school and back to work, when it so often really feels like the start of the new year … it’s time for some planning and strategic thinking. Read more

As we approach the half way point of the year, its time to step back and evaluate your’s and your company’s vision, goals, and objectives. Are you half way there … or more? What’s the ROI on your marketing efforts? Read more

Here’s one big reason. We’ve all heard the statement “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words”.

Why would you want those words to be someone else’s? Read more

A new website is a chance for a clean slate … a chance to resolve longstanding concerns and communicate your value more clearly. It’s a chance to start fresh with a bold new design, a chance to make a great first impression … or to impress again. Read more

That beautiful time of the year is drawing near … how will you be balancing work, family and recreation time?

As business owners we know how important it is to spend time with our family, to get away for a couple of weeks of good re-creation time and still have the business run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. This doesn’t happen by accident and if its important to you, you know its important to your employees. Read more