During times of crisis, much like the global pandemic we’re facing with COVID-19, it becomes extremely easy for businesses to panic, which usually shows as knee-jerk reaction to cancel any and all marketing activity. Quickly cutting these costs may seem like a solution to potential financial trouble, but it can actually leave you worse off when the world returns to normal. Read more

New times … new challenges … new decisions. What do I do next? This is a question many of us are asking. We’re all dealing with things in a slightly different manner these days, because we’re all in slightly different circumstances, or places in our lives, or in our businesses. Read more

In this final part of the 4 part blog, let’s take all the science we talked about in the previous parts and see how it all relates to your business in the way of tactics.

There are many different elements to the branding process.

In this article, we will concentrate on the main 6. Read more

In the last two parts we talked about the difference between BRAND and BRANDING and about how your product/service becomes a brand.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at who is really making the decisions and how these decisions are made. Read more

The main goal of a strong brand is to position your business as the leader in your industry. What does that mean? Read more

We are all in the same boat right now…and by that I don’t just mean everyone as an individuals doing what can to stay safe, but also all of us who are now working from home and hope that our business will survive this very trying time. Read more


As we sit back and see what is happening around the world and how this is affecting every #business and every individual, we face fear and uncertainty. Read more

It’s only another 6 weeks before 2020 opens in all its glory for us. With so much to do on the  personal side to get ready for the holidays and then the new year … its important to make time for your business too. What do you have to do to get your business ready for a new decade? Read more

What media choices are you using to promote, expand and grow your business? Read more

Our Mission Statement … taking the heart, the soul, the very essence of your business and sharing that vision with the world. Read more