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April 29, 2021

Why is asking for help so difficult for so many? Is the fear of asking driven by our ego and the need to be self sufficient? 


And would we be able to change our mindset to strategically ask the experts to do what they do best, by developing awareness of this roadblock?


We are not, nor can we be “masters of all trades”.


Remember when you started your business? I do! 


I had the same mindset as most… I was a new business and I thought I had to be able to run it all on my own.


I knew marketing was vital and you had to do it … but didn’t know how? I looked around to see what other businesses were doing and thought, ‘I’ll try that.’


No real plan, just flying by the seat of my pants. Someone offered to put my ad in their magazine … for a real good price. So…hey, why not? I was saving money.  


Being in the creative field, some of the projects seemed to make sense for me to do. Designing a logo, ads, brochures … sure, that’s what I was an expert in.


But what about my website? No problem there … I’m a designer, I’m sure I can figure that out. It may take a while… but I can learn it all!


I made many mistakes and had a lot of sleepless nights.


Does any of that sound familiar?


Asking for help is a big roadblock for many business owners, especially in the early stages. 


We were told to be self-sufficient, to do it all ourselves.


The problem with that is working in our business, doing work we are not an expert in, is taking us away from actually being an entrepreneur, being the visionary. 


Most likely what we are doing will not turn out right (at least not the first time). It’s important to consider what our time is worth. What’s the best use of our time? Is it working on building our website (even if we learn the mechanics of it), or spending our time doing what we’re experts in… and growing our business.


Asking for help is important. 


Choosing the right people is important. 


Asking the right questions is important.


The following short clip is from Module 7 in our free video series about the 5 Essential Marketing Tools and it touches on the value asking for professional help.

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And remember… next time you get the urge to do something you are not an expert in… ask WHO instead of HOW!


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