Do You Share Values With Your Good Clients?
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Do You Share Values With Your Good Clients?

August 15, 2022

Part 2


Your next step is to determine your Ideal Target Markets … are you willing to do the work to see success in your business?

Finding your Ideal Target Markets is part of having a strong overall marketing foundation.

As you can see from the first part of this Blog, it’s a process. 


Start with your Overall Target Market … segment it into your Preferred Target Markets and from there determine your Ideal Target Markets that lead to relatable businesses that can use your product or service


When you dive deep and look into your Ideal Target Markets, what you’re really doing is identifying narrow segments of people you’d like to connect and work with.


What Values do you share with them?
Do they have similar interests and lifestyles?
What are their pain points?
What solutions do you offer them?


Ideal Target Markets And Their Values



Look at it this way … you’re the owner of a gym or yoga studio.

You’re looking for clients that share your values of health, well being, longevity, fitness, vitality, and a general love of life.


You know that your service, your equipment, your programs and exercises will benefit everyone. 


But as a savvy business owner you also know that you can’t speak to everyone with a single message.


You have to market and speak differently to the 45 year old female than you do to a 25 year old male. That’s a given … right?


But you also know that the Gen Z demographics of 25 year old males have different values and needs. You’ll connect with the weekend warrior using different words and images than with the game playing couch potato that’s deciding it’s time to exercise more than his thumbs.


Even when your product or service is useful and relevant to all, it’s important to dig deep and establish an avatar or visual representation for each of your Ideal Target Markets. 



Who Are They?

It’s really not surprising that once you do this, once you envision who that person is, what they look like, what kind of car they drive, where they live, do they have kids, are they active, do they have a summer home, do they go south in the winter?

Once you see them … once you know them… once you understand them … you will be able to emotionally connect with them. 

That’s when you’ll be able to activate their emotional hot buttons through your strategic messaging and they will respond to you. And it won’t matter if it’s traditional advertising, online marketing or through social media. They will become part of your tribe and they will become your clients.

Knowledge and understanding of your Target Markets is crucial to the viability of your business. You have to know if there is enough demand for your product, or enough interest and need for your service. You have to know how to communicate with your prospects, and understand their values, their thoughts and behaviours. Without a thorough understanding of your target markets, you can’t make smart choices about your marketing strategy, pricing structure, and product or service mix.


How important is your business success … and are you willing to do the hard work to find and connect with those ‘good clients’?


Finding your Ideal Target Markets is part of having a strong overall marketing foundation.

Our  5 Essential Marketing Tools Program will help you with just that.

Sign up now and be ready to bring your business to the next level… and stay tuned for the next level of finding your ideal client.


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