What’s Your Next Move?

When just being good enough isn’t good enough … you need a plan. A plan that involves strategy, innovation, creativity and bringing solutions to the marketplace.

This is the time to grow your business… not just a practice!


Marketing strategy is the foundation of your marketing plan. It involves innovation, messaging, online marketing, and bringing solutions to the marketplace.

Viral Essence

What we do first:

Viral EssenceAsk questions
Viral EssenceFind out your goals
Viral EssenceWhat is your mission
Viral EssenceLearn your Core Values
Viral EssenceEstablish your Target Markets
Viral EssenceDiscover your Benefits
Viral Essence

After we learn about your business:

Viral EssenceConduct Market Research
Viral EssenceAnalyze Competition
Viral EssenceDevelop Marketing Plan
Viral Essence

And then:

Viral EssenceProduce Tactical Development Timeline


You have a business… you have a BRAND. Brand is a collection of associations that exist in the mind of consumers.

BRANDING is the process involved in creating a strong subconscious “ gut feeling” in the minds of your customers which will make your brand their choice.

Viral Essence

What we do first:

Viral EssenceAsk Questions
Viral EssenceEvaluate your Brand
Viral EssenceDetermine Brand Positioning
Viral Essence

Only then:

Viral EssenceDevelop Creative Design
Viral EssenceTest and Refine
Viral Essence

And when that’s done:

Viral EssenceDeploy Tactics

Viral Essense

Results come to light when Strategy and Creative Solutions merge together.

Viral Essence

Viral EssenceMarketing Plan to Reach Your ROI
Viral EssenceFoundation for Lead Generation
Viral EssenceResources and Support
Viral EssenceMinimizing Stress