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Are You Ready To Achieve Freedom?

As a startup or a small business your equilibrium has been disrupted. It’s now time to focus or re-focus your direction. Start at the beginning, build a strong foundation, reach your goals. Educate yourself with our programs. Whether you will be doing it all yourself or hire experts, the programs will help you in making all the critical decisions with confidence.

I Am Ready!

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Are You Ready To Achieve Freedom?

Business Marketing Freedom is here to educate, support, and inspire businesses so they can develop a marketing foundation, feel empowered and have the freedom to fulfill their bigger purpose and make a difference.

Would you be able to sleep more soundly knowing that you had someone on your side to help you through your struggles?

To put it bluntly, this is the program your mentors wish they’d had when starting their businesses. They’ve been there and made those mistakes.

Now you can learn from them and get your business on the right track. Your clients trust in, and rely on you for your expertise.

Now you have mentors to guide you as you build a thriving business together.

Viral Essence

5 Essential Marketing Tools

Are you willing to do the work to see success in your business
… to do the necessary marketing that supports sales and brings in more revenue?

Take advantage of this opportunity NOW to discover what it
takes to grow your business with a solid marketing foundation.

Start Building Your Foundation!

Viral Essence

Marketing Made Simple for The Accidental Business Owner

Marketing Made Simple for The Accidental Business Owner

Program is tailor-made for you.

Transform your mindset from employee to business owner,
and free yourself by working with and learning from

seasoned mentors.

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Build your business with Purpose for impactful success.

Business without purpose is a finite game. What does that mean to the success and the impact your business will have on your employees, your clients, your community, our world. In this program you will learn what Purpose is, how to discover your personal WHY, how it connects to your business, and how it affects your Vision and Mission Statement. Get a head start and reserve your spot NOW.

What Others Are Saying!


Business Marketing Freedom

“I worked with Viral Essence as I transitioned my business as a commercial photographer to artist. I needed to set up a marketing plan and support materials to set a plan in motion for success. Through the discovery process they were able to guide me through redirecting my business. I now have a clear understanding and approach moving forward with confidence.”

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“I have been working with Viral Essence Marketing Group for a number of years. Besides their marketing strategy and tactics, their guidance and personal service has been instrumental to the success of my business. Since I started working with them I have learned to understand what running a business means and where the value of marketing lies. Knowing they are only a phone call away with their expertise gives me a high level of confidence and comfort.”

Danilo Voljanek, Healthy Balance Studio

"The Viral Essence 5 Pillar video series was incredibly helpful in breaking down the basics of marketing in a clear and understandable way. Ruth and Averill make it easy to see the path to follow to build a successful plan. This is just a sample of how fantastic they are to work with at a deeper level!"

Lisa M. Rufsholm, CNN

The team, the process and results met all my expectations and more. They walked me through the process of building a foundation for my business and gave me education on all the different areas of marketing. I was given clear direction and our regular zoom meetings really helped us stay aligned and helped me refocus in order to move the process along. Their knowledge and expertise and ability to turn all my ideas into reality was beyond magical.

Ashleigh Stoesser, CPA, CA