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Achieve Total Business Marketing Freedom

Business Marketing Freedom: The Marketing Made Simple for Accidental Business Owners program is tailor-made for you. Transform your mindset from employee to business owner, and free yourself by working with and learning from seasoned mentors.

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Are You Ready To Achieve Freedom?

Maybe COVID has affected your work or you’re unsatisfied with your firm’s culture and lack of room for growth. Maybe being your own boss has been your dream since childhood. You’re a seasoned professional and you know you have the expertise to branch out from your current employer. Don’t let your firm’s limitations become your own.

Viral Essense

Build A Strong Marketing Foundation Without the Stress

Would you be able to sleep more soundly knowing that you had someone on your side to help you through your startup struggles?

If you’re practicing law or working in the world of finance while trying to find the time and mental space to build a much-needed marketing foundation for your own business, you’re in the right place.

To put it bluntly, this is the program your mentors wish they’d had when starting their businesses. They’ve been there and made those mistakes.

Now you can learn from them and get your business on the right track. Your clients trust in, and rely on you for your expertise.

Now you have mentors to guide you as you build a thriving business together.

What’s Included

Viral EssenceComprehensive Marketing, Branding, and Website Discovery Process
Viral EssenceYour personalized Marketing Plan
Viral EssenceYour Customized Startup Package including Branding – Logo Design, Business Card Design, Website Design / Development / Launch, Social Media Set up
Viral EssenceCollaborative Zoom Sessions with Averill and Ruth
Viral EssenceInsightful Video Lessons on Marketing Strategy, Branding, and Social Media Platforms

What Others Are Saying

“I worked with Viral Essence as I transitioned my business as a commercial photographer to artist. I needed to set up a marketing plan and support materials to set a plan in motion for success. Through the discovery process they were able to guide me through redirecting my business. I now have a clear understanding and approach moving forward with confidence.”

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“I have been working with Viral Essence Marketing Group for a number of years. Besides their marketing strategy and tactics, their guidance and personal service has been instrumental to the success of my business. Since I started working with them I have learned to understand what running a business means and where the value of marketing lies. Knowing they are only a phone call away with their expertise gives me a high level of confidence and comfort.”

Danilo Voljanek, Healthy Balance Studio

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re truly ready to take ownership of your business and get your marketing underway, this course is guaranteed to get you there.

However, if for some reason it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you can request a full refund within 14 days, before completing the discovery process.

Viral Essence