Finally …. Getting To Getting Good Clients!
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Finally …. Getting To Getting Good Clients!

August 29, 2022

Part 3

If you’ve followed along on this journey to find your ‘good clients’, you can see, it is a process. Start with your Overall Target Market … segment it into your Preferred Target Markets and from there determine your Ideal Target Markets that lead to relatable businesses (your Ideal Client)that can use your product or service.


Now let’s find those ‘Good Clients’ that are part of your Ideal Target Market.


Before you can sell anything effectively, you need to understand…

  • Who your ideal client is
  • What their key purchase drivers are
  • What their challenges and wants are
  • How your product/service transforms their lives for the better

Each of your Ideal Target Markets will have a number of Ideal Clients or Avatars that represent different segments of that market and each Avatar has different motivations, goals, and objections for why they buy (or don’t), so it’s important that you frame your messaging around each Client Avatar’s unique needs.


Knowing how to identify your Client Avatar is one of the skills you’ll need in all of your business marketing efforts.


For example:

  • Content Marketing: Knowing your Avatar helps you decide what blog posts, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, etc. you should create to attract more leads.
  • Product Creation: Knowing your Avatar will help you create a product that your clients need.
  • Copywriting: Knowing your Avatar helps you describe your offers in a way that speaks to your Avatar’s problems, making them want to buy from you.
  • Email Marketing: Knowing your Avatar helps you get more open rates and better conversion rates on your emails… and can even be used to segment-specific email marketing campaigns to different Avatars.

Any part of your marketing and sales process that interacts with your client will improve, when you get clear on your Client Avatar.

When you understand the characteristics of the person who is looking to buy, it’s a lot easier to find and present them with the right message that triggers their emotions and moves them to action.

As you create a Client Avatar, you’re actively choosing who you want to work with … think back to why you chose your Preferred Target Markets.

So your description here needs to be of people you want to attract to your business, not only of people you’ve sold to in the past.

Think of an existing client who’s a perfect fit for your business. Build your Client Avatar around this person.



There are 5 major components to a Client Avatar:


  1. Value/Psycho/Demographics … Because this is personal or preferred, you’re looking for clients that share your values. What are their psychographic attitudes, interests and lifestyles choices? And finally as in the example of the Gym owner, you look at what demographics are relevant such as age, gender, etc.
  2. Key Purchase Drivers … Here you’re looking at why would this Avatar buy your product/service? What things are most important to them? What are their must have features or benefits and are there any known deal-killers in your offer?
  3. Frustrations & Fears … What are the things your Avatar is moving away from? What keeps them up at night? What challenges do they face on a daily basis, big and small?
  4. Wants & Aspirations … name several things your Avatar wants that they don’t have yet. Who do they aspire to be? What are their “secret” desires?
  5. Before & After States … This statement is important to remember and always keep in mind, People don’t buy products or services…They buy transformations. They buy a gym membership to transform their bodies. They buy clothes to transform their appearance or elevate their social status. What you’re looking for is how do they feel before and how do they feel after they buy your product or service.

So what’s next?


You’ve built out your first Client Avatar—but don’t stop there. Your business almost certainly has more than one ideal buyer, so build an Avatar for each.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll start churning out multiple Avatars representing the different segments of your market.

Any lucrative market segment with a distinct set of goals, information sources, pain points, etc. is deserving of a Client Avatar.

By creating more Avatars of your ‘Good Clients’ you’ll empower yourself, and your team, to create more targeted marketing campaigns and messages that resonate with your market’s pain points/goals.

The end result? More leads & sales for your business.


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