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April 17, 2020

New times … new challenges … new decisions. What do I do next? This is a question many of us are asking. We’re all dealing with things in a slightly different manner these days, because we’re all in slightly different circumstances, or places in our lives, or in our businesses.

Let’s not pretend or fool ourselves, we most likely have months ahead of us in this transition period. It’s a transition period because nobody knows when or what things are going to be like going forward. And since we don’t know what the future holds, the only thing we can deal with is the present … the now.

For many of us, we’re treading water, staying afloat, maintaining. What will our business look like … will we be in business? This is a legitimate fear and concern because over the next few months many businesses will fail. The changes ahead will be massive, from the corporate level right down to the solopreneurs.

So again, what do we do next? One way to deal with the fear of whether or not we should be in business … is to go all in!

This is not the time to hold back … this is the time to give it all.

Those that survive will be the ones that are all in. Those are the owners that are laying a solid foundation. They’re focused on what their business is and want their business will be and how they can make that happen. They are the ones taking the time to work on their business and not in their business.

So here’s the question … are you all in?

The following video from John Wineland is about committing in a personal relationship but it also applies to your business commitment … so again, are you all in?

BTW there is some rather strong language in the video. If it’s a problem … deal with it.


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