Applying Masculine and Feminine Principles to Your Business
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Applying Masculine and Feminine Principles to Your Business

April 22, 2021

Understanding the depth and width of building a successful business is a never ending dive into areas of thought and experience one might never expect.

How often have you thought about the energy of your business?

And then, going deeper, have you ever considered which parts of your business has masculine energy and which parts represented feminine energy?

This video by John Wineland, a human consciousness coach, has a very different and interesting perspective on the masculine and feminine energy in your business.

There are two parallel tracks to deepening a business

  1. Cultivate and hone your skills, practice, and offering.

  2. Tighten and become more meticulous with your structure.

Both of these tracks need to be cultivated in order to maintain success and longevity in business.

You can find more videos on his website

Any comments on this thought provoking look at business success?


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