10 Areas of Life That Create Your Vision
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10 Areas of Life That Create Your Vision

November 18, 2021


Creating a vision for your life and business may seem to be a frivolous, useless or even a fantastical waste of time … it’s not!


Creating a compelling vision of the life you want is actually one of the most effective strategies for achieving the life of your dreams. Look at it this way. The concept of a life vision is like a compass or map to help guide you in taking the best actions and making the best choices that propel you towards your best life.

To do this, in the most effective way, is to take a step back, take some time to reflect, and see your life as a whole, all the parts, individually and collectively.

As an example I’ve divided my life into these 10 individual areas to consider separately, so that I can see how they fit into the whole and which ones I may need to alter in order to have a more balanced life.

In these 10 areas of your life … how do you score now?


Professional Life      1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

In your business or professional life how much of your day do you spend working? Do you have one main job or perhaps you have a side hustle too? Do you feel satisfied with what you do? Do you have a purpose?

Personal Growth       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

Personal growth can mean many things to many people. For me, it’s enjoying the never ending exploration of ‘who I am’ through relationships, meditation, yoga and interesting events. What does it mean to you? 

Health & Fitness       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

This is an area of life that is too often neglected by too many. Are you active, do you run, walk or bike regularly? Do you enjoy great quality organic food with nutritional vitamins and supplements … or not?

Romantic Life       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

Romantic life is more than watching a Hallmark movie. It’s spending intimate time with someone on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It’s about conversations that are open to exploration, vulnerability and challenge.

Environment       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

Your environment is about your surroundings. Are you pleased with where you live? With where you work? Do you use environmentally friendly transportation? Is any of this important to you?

Spiritual Life       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

This is very individual. It may be about going to church, or temple, or synagogue, or being in nature. It’s mostly about your connection to heart and spirit and life.

Fun & Enjoyment       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

For so many of us hard working business people this is a sadly neglected area of life. Don’t let it be so! It’s important to have fun and enjoyment and relax from the stresses of everyday life for so many reasons.

Community       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

This can mean your community at work or clubs you belong to but it’s really about enjoying frequent gatherings and great communication with like minded people.

Family & Friends       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

These are some of the most important people in your life. And quite often ‘family’ is not just about blood connection. It’s about the people you want to share the time of your life with.

Money & Finance       1         2       3       4       5       6       7        8      9       10

This is not last on the list … It’s part of a circle that never ends. What’s your relationship with money and finance? How does it affect your lifestyle? Remember, money is not your goal … it’s a byproduct of your life purpose.



Now that you’ve looked at these 10 areas of life and scored where you are right now … what score would you like in order to achieve more life balance and harmony?

What are you putting up with or tolerating in each area? 

What steps can you take to improve your life in each area?

Now is the time to create a compelling vision to achieve the life of your dreams … and it’s not frivolous or useless or a fantastical waste of time. 


It’s about YOU and your CHOICES!

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