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August 9, 2021

It’s been a difficult year and Canadian summers are short. All businesses are working hard to move forward and get back to reaching their goals. The danger we all face is that with summer flying by, we may miss it! 

I am taken back to when I first joined the world of entrepreneurs … My friends from the corporate world would always tell me, with jealousy in their voice: “You are so lucky. You can take time off whenever you want. You can make your lunch as long as you want. You have no boss.”

I am very lucky!


My brain would instantly flash to the nights when 2 am seemed like just the middle of the day, the times when I didn’t even realize it was a weekend, long weekends always surprised me. I would smile in response and agree: “Yes, I am very lucky.”

As my business grew, I stopped keeping track of the late hours, worked on weekends, and the term vacation was no longer part of my vocabulary. I noticed that although I was constantly thinking about business and loved what I did, my connection with the rest of the world was lost. My friends were doing things without me. I was missing activities with my family, and even the time for just me was hardly there.

I knew I needed to make some changes one summer when I actually agreed to a week at a cottage with my family and spent most of it working, occasionally glancing at the lake as they were booting across the water in their boat … laughing and enjoying themselves. I felt that my business needed me, it couldn’t exist without me. Sounds familiar?

Running a business is ultimately a 24/7/365 deal.


But with some creative time scheduling and building a strong team you can rely on, it’s possible to find the balance between business and personal time. And there are many activities during which business and pleasure can come together.

People say that most business deals are closed on a golf course (well ok, golfers say that… but you get the gist) … so set up some time to play a round with your colleagues and clients and nurture those business relationships. 

Go to the cottage with your family and friends. When you’re there,  if you feel the need to, take an hour first thing in the morning, while everyone else is still sleeping, and take care of your emails and address any issues that may need your attention, check with your team to make sure all is going smoothly.  And later in the day, while everyone is getting ready to switch from beach mode to campfire mode, get in touch with your team to make sure the day went well. But during the time in between … put away your smartphone, shut down your laptop … and enjoy time with others.


Don’t forget, that as important as our business is, time with your family and friends, or just time alone … that is how we achieve balance, recharge, and stay effective.


Let us know…How do you balance your business and personal life this summer?

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