Fear & Uncertainty
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Fear & Uncertainty

March 24, 2020

As we sit here at the beginning of this very interesting time in our lives, none of us know if in three months or six months or nine months things are going to settle down. We don’t know … it is the uncertainty of this time … and yet, in reality, we never know.

In the ancient prophecy of the Tao, they talk of Now, which is the ever changing world … always changing, always altering. If you are not grounded and have no relationship with that deep, calming voice within, this is going to be difficult and challenging.

Have no doubt, we’re like you. We’re feeling the same thing. Some degree of fear, hopefully it’s wisdom fear rather than neurotic fear.

And the difference is …

Neurotic fear hoards toilet paper.

Wisdom fear washes your hands, stays aware, thinks about how you’re going to rearrange your life, thinks about how you’re going to be economically impacted, thinks about what your values are.

Still, like you, we don’t have all the answers. For instance, we believe strongly in using a content calendar and setting up the monthly theme of our social media for 3 to 6 to 12 months in advance. We can still do that but in these swiftly changing times, we must be flexible and much of the time, reactive to what’s happening. We can either embrace it or brace against it.

There is the certainty though, that now, more than ever, we must look inside, and in relationship to our own self and others behave honourably, with integrity, and grace towards one another.

When we come through to the other side of this evolution in time, we will be changed. Our relationships will be changed. Our businesses will be changed. Our lives will be changed. Be assured though, that we do have a choice in how that change affect us.


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