Why Use Original Photography?
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Why Use Original Photography?

June 19, 2019

Here’s one big reason. We’ve all heard the statement “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words”.

Why would you want those words to be someone else’s?

In original photography you can control what thoughts, emotions, and message the image conveys. It’s your vision versus someone else’s. That is huge from a marketing perspective.

When I say original photography, I should clarify that. I mean GOOD quality original photography. We know that most of our smart phones can take good resolution photos … and that is excellent for Instagram posts or quick reference photos for example.

When it comes to the serious images, those that will represent your business and your brand thorough marketing efforts (being website or printed material), smart phone images are just not enough. Smart phones are designed to DOCUMENT. To represent your brand you need to CREATE. What does that mean? From composition, to lighting, to creative art direction, to specialized knowledge of photo techniques… the image and the message must be controlled for your clients and prospects to understand your business.

A good quality original image can get a “WOW”.

Where as stock images can be found anywhere, usually on multiple stock photography sites. Using the same images as everyone else can make your website feel fake. Stock photos are often spotted for their lack of originality… Ho Hum!

And that is NOT how you want people to react to your brand.

So next time you need an image for an ad campaign, a flyer or your website, give it a thought. Get original images photographed by a professional photographer…. have everyone say “WOW”

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