Who We Are

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

– Henry Ford


Averill and Ruth met 25 years ago while working in the photography industry. Four years ago, they united over their similar passions and experiences to form their own full-service marketing agency, Viral Essence Marketing Group.

With nearly 10 years of marketing experience, Viral Essence helps businesses build strong strategic foundations while honing in on pain points and gaps in their industries to leverage their competitive advantage. Merging Ruth’s journey from photography to graphic design to creative direction with Averill’s journey from photography to marketing and strategy led to the perfect partnership.

The What…The How…The Why

You’re good at what you do! Any good company that sells a valuable product or service to their market place is usually very good at what they do. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive market, that isn’t good enough. Smart companies hire the services of professional marketing consultants who have the ability to measurably improve overall sales and revenue. Marketing consulting services are retained by businesses who want to lead their industry and grow their revenue.

Viral Essence

What we do

What we do at Viral Essence Marketing Group is provide a strategic platform for businesses to re-imagine and re-set themselves to create a legacy of dynamic growth and success.

Viral Essence

How we do

How we do that is by implementing business innovation and using the strategic messaging formula, our comprehensive internet marketing suite and systematized sales process to produce massive growth leading to the financial stability of the business, the owners, the employees and their families.

Viral Essence

Why we do

Why we do this … click on our image below and you’ll see our personal reasons, our personal motivations, our personal Why.

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Ruth Bay

Creative Director

Ruth’s journey began at nine years old when her father gifted her her first camera. She used photography to tell stories, as her family moved frequently because of her father’s career, and she found it hard to form long-lasting friendships with other kids.

To her family’s chagrin (as recent Canadian immigrants) Ruth went on to study photography. She soon learned that graphic design and art direction were marketable and necessary skill sets that she wanted to add to her resume to expand her career options. Today, Ruth boasts 20 years of graphic design experience and her creative direction skills allowed her to manage and direct her own projects.

However, even with her wealth of creative and management skills, when she first started running her own creative business Ruth found the administrative side of things to be an almost Herculean task as she juggled numerous and contrasting roles. She decided to grow her team so she could focus solely on her clients. This meant becoming a true creative director instead of juggling photography, art direction, and design.

Ruth’s passion for creative direction translates into her drive as a business mentor. She’s expertly positioned to help you make the leap from “doer” to “leader” in your business.

Viral Essense

Averill Lehan

Marketing Director

Averill understands from firsthand experience, the toll owning a business can take on your professional confidence, finances and personal life if you don’t have the right tools and resources in place.

He’s no stranger to the behind-the-scenes struggles. During Averill’s childhood, his parents separated after financial challenges caused strife in their relationship. He watched his father’s entrepreneurial career, where he struggled with a limited knowledge of marketing, relying on luck and being in the right place at the right time to acquire new clients. Averill saw the emotional toll this took. Ultimately, his parents divorced, which had a palpable effect on Averill and his siblings. Divorce was relatively uncommon in the 60s, so it spoke to how severely business troubles could impact personal life.

Many years later, Averill became a father and husband himself, and when financial challenges arose, he found himself in a similar situation. He had his own photography business, where in terms of marketing, he largely relied on luck and being in the right place at the right time to acquire new clients. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and despite over 20 years of experience, Averill endured a failed marriage and a less-than-prosperous business.

The unforgettable takeaway from all of this? The understanding that marketing is essential to a company’s success. It’s absolutely necessary as the foundation for making sales, which is the only way money comes into a business, and running a business that allows you to thrive in your personal life, too.

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