How early is too early to start goal setting for 2019?

It’s only the middle of October…isn’t it too early to start goal setting for 2019?

A good question answered easily by another question. How fast is time moving for you these days?

There are only 6 weeks before we get to December, a month where business starts to take a back seat to family and social events.

At Viral Essence we’ll be looking at our long term vision and the starting point will be to allow ourselves to dream… and dream big. From there we’ll break it down into smaller chucks. Where will we be in 5-10 years? How about in 3-5 years? How about this time, next year?

And we’re not talking business goals only. We don’t live in business isolation from our loved ones, our health, our community, our environment. This is a vision and plan for all areas of your life.

The outline below is a good starting point because it also asks you for your present satisfaction level in all these areas, so a year from now you’ll be able to see the changes and growth in your life.

Vision & Goals in all Areas of Life 2019

Evaluate  the Areas of Life below on the scale of 1-10

1) Business Life

– Money & Finance

– Career & Mission

2) Creative Life

– Health & Aging

– Fun & Recreation

3) Social Life

– Environment

– Community

4) Love Life

– Partners & Love

– Family & Friends

5) Life Purpose

– Growth & Learning

– Spirituality

As you consider your goals for 2019, make them SMART goals … Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time bound. Goals are specific and quantifiable. They have an endpoint. Once you’ve achieved a goal, you’re done with it. Goals tell us WHAT we need to do in order to get to a desired outcome. Using this formula will help you develop an Acton Plan that will lead directly to your vision becoming a reality.

Perhaps, most importantly, when you’re dreaming big, is no time to face reality and where you are now. It’s the time to create the greatest version of the grandest vision you ever had about who you really are. Have fun with it and go Big … or go Bigger!