Video Services

Video has become an essential part of branding and any marketing strategy. Whether as an introduction to your business or short videos on tips and Q&A, the connection with your audience, through video, creates a personal relationship with your business like no other media.

The skill of video storytelling is an intuitive blend of artistry and technical know-how.
The key is working backwards. We believe corporate video, like the rest of your marketing, should deliver results, and that’s why we form collaborative partnerships.

We take the time to understand your company, your goals, and who you want to reach and influence. From there we build your corporate video on the foundation of what you want to achieve and what you choose to express in an engaging manner. It is through research and experience, rather than guesswork that enables you to connect with your audience in a compelling way.

Video Spokespersons

Not comfortable being in front of the camera … use a professional video spokesperson for your next video project.

Our video spokespersons have the experience to communicate effectively to your audience no matter what the application. Our professional actors and spokesmodels can deliver broadcast ready material for your TV commercials, web videos, and corporate videos. We have a large selection of spokespeople to suit just about any business.



Why Use Custom Photography for Your Marketing Material?

The importance of having professional custom photography taken for your business cannot be overstated. It is important to connect with your clients and prospects by letting them see the “real you.” Having real employees used in the pictures will give a reassuring and personable feel to your marketing, particularly for small and medium businesses where your clients can get to know the faces they’ve seen on the website or in social media.

Enhanced SEO

By using unique images on your website you also increase your ranking with search engines including of course Google. All photographs, videos and graphics that are unique to your website are registered as new content unlike most stock photography that has been used again and again.