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April 16, 2019

I can’t even tell you how many times a business owner has come to me with a logo they created themselves in Microsoft Word, wanting to expand their marketing material.

In small businesses, trying to do it yourself and save money seems to be one big commonality. You would think that only applies to start ups though right? Wrong… small and mid size companies seem to follow the same suit. Why you ask? In today’s world, where even children knowing how to work in Photoshop (they learn it in school) and with smart phones… who needs to pay for professional services?

Well, read on and see just a few reasons why hiring a professional graphic designer is the right decision.

Save time

I am sure as a business owner you have heard more then once…”Work on your business… not in your business”. You have a lot on your plate, your days are full, the stress level is high. And that only includes the tasks that ARE your business (the things you did sign up for and love). Taking on design and marketing as well is not only NOT what you signed up for…. it is also NOT the thing you are most likely best at.

Save money

Experienced graphic designers will be able to produce your marketing and advertising material in a fraction of the time, but will also get it right the first time. Having it done right from the start will also mean no fixing mistakes, and not having to reprint material which was designed wrong to begin with.

Look professional

If design is not your business, chances are you probably don’t understand the nuances of the visual representation of your business. I wish I could count the number of times clients came to me asking for Branding / Logo and insisted on specific graphics and colours… not because they were the right graphics and colours but because they liked it and it was their favourite colour.

As designers it is our job to understand colours and imagery. It is our job to know how to put them together.

Elevate your business

Even if you disagree with the first three points, this last point trumps them all.

Good and experienced designers will work hand in hand with a marketing strategist. Without a strategy, your business messaging will not be consistent and you will end up with fragmented marketing (read more about fragmented marketing in our February blog …

Sure… the pieces will look good because they were designed professionally, but will they really represent your business properly? Graphic designers and  marketing strategists work in tandem. And it is our job as designers to translate strategy into a visually strong representation of your business.

So next time you think that perhaps you can get one of your employees to do it, or a friend offers you a great deal on design… STOP… and asked yourself a question… how much is your business worth to you?

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