The Beauty of a New Website … Where to Start?
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The Beauty of a New Website … Where to Start?

June 11, 2019

A new website is a chance for a clean slate … a chance to resolve longstanding concerns and communicate your value more clearly. It’s a chance to start fresh with a bold new design, a chance to make a great first impression … or to impress again.

It’s easy to get excited about the design elements since they’re the most noticeable and obvious changes and an important part of shaping the user experience, but it’s the website strategy that will make it work.

Do you know the main objectives you want to achieve?

What action do you want your prospects to take?

What information do you want your prospects to get?

What are your prospects looking for?

You can research and investigate but in the end, these are questions that require answers, in-depth answers, and the best way to get them … ask!

This process includes interviewing company executives, employees and stakeholders to understand their business goals, their competitive advantages, then researching your target markets, and developing a plan of action to not only achieve those goals, but to exceed them.

As you develop your web strategy, remember one of the main objectives of any marketing effort. The most beautiful website in the world is just window dressing if it doesn’t move visitors further along the sales cycle.

Chances are, your customers are going to visit your website multiple times before they request a consultation, and they’re most likely going to return throughout the decision making process.

They’re probably going to enlist feedback from others on their team as well, and will ultimately need to convince someone at a higher level, whether it’s a manager, the CFO  or the CEO. They may not visit the website, but your primary buyer might forward them a high-level overview.

That’s why its important to consider what information you’ll need on your website to help all parties at every stage in the sales process.

All this is done before any thought of design, colour or layout. It’s the foundation. Strategy is the foundation that the beauty of your website is built upon. The function that proceeds the form.

To learn more about the extensive web strategy process our marketing team uses to help grow your business visit and let’s connect.

And I’ll leave you with one last consideration … when all is said and done, will your beautiful new web site reflect your business strategy?


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