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2 Common Marketing Mistakes That Over 90% of Business Owners Make

If you’ve done any advertising or marketing for your business ever, at all, I can virtually guarantee that you’ve been making at least 1 of the following 2 common marketing mistakes. These 2 mistakes have cost you a lot of money in lost opportunity and lost business.


Marketing Mistake #1 Platitudes

In marketing, platitudes are essentially the kiss of death. The definition of a platitude as it pertains to marketing is “words or phrases that are dull, obvious, or predictable that lack the power to create interest because they are overused and unoriginal, that are nevertheless still commonly used as though they are very unique and distinctive.”

Let me give you some examples of platitudes. They are words and phrases like, “Highest Quality, Best Service, Largest Selection, Gets the job done right the first time, 30 years of experience, Honest, Hard Working, You’ve tried the rest now try the best, Number one, Your dealer of choice, State-of-the-art, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Sound familiar?

These platitudes don’t distinguish or separate you in the market place. Ultimately, your target market end up believing that you and your business are just like everybody else in the industry. This is why they always ends up grinding you on price, regardless of how great you claim your “service” is or how much better you think you are than your competitors.


Marketing Mistake #2 Fragmented Marketing

Fragmented marketing means that there is no cohesive message or comprehensive system handling your marketing. Instead, when you buy marketing and advertising, it is developed by the company creating the ad, right? The radio station created your radio spot, the magazine created your magazine ad, the design company created your brochure, the web design company created your website, and the video production company developed the content for you video, right? Think about how fragmented that makes your marketing efforts. All of those different companies have different ideas about what your marketing message should be based on their limited experience.

This is why you need a marketing system in place. The system dictates the content of the advertisements and it dictates the sequence that your prospects go through and the message that your prospects hear as they are ultimately led to your door. A systematized marketing program considers first the message. Then it develops the message and installs the message in a comprehensive marketing system which facilitates the prospects decision making process.

Do you see how much more effective that is than typical fragmented marketing?