Strong Branding is the difference between a business that succeeds and business that may fail.


The word Brand and Branding has unfortunately been used by many to mean one and the same. It leads to a lot of confusion when speaking to clients about the branding process.

You have a business… you have a brand!
Brand is the product or services you are selling to your clients.

How you present your Brand to the markets, how your clients react to your brand, and how you stand out against your competition is determined by the branding strategy and it’s execution.

Branding is a process of creating a unique image or name or logo or symbol or combination of any of these for a specific product in consumer’s mind. Effective Branding will differentiate your product from your competitors. It is the image your client’s will remember about your brand.

branding - identity


Brand Identity is the way people recognize the brand.

Brand Image is the idea of the brand that people develop in their minds.

Brand Personality is certain emotional or personal qualities that we associate with a particular brand

Brand experience is a combination of everything that a customer goes through while purchasing and using your product or services.

Brand Differentiation is how does your brand stand out in the crowd. How do you set yourself apart from your competition.

Brand gap is the difference between what a brand promises to deliver in its communications and what it actually does. It is the goal of any marketing strategy and branding to keep this gap as small as possible.