“I’ve never had a problem with a dumb client. There is no such thing as a bad client. Part of our job is to do good work and get the client to accept it.”   

                                                                                                 ~Bob Gill~  Illustrator, Graphic Designer



Any good company that sells a valuable product or service to their market place is usually very good at what they do. Unfortunately, in today’s competitive market, that isn’t good enough. Smart companies hire the services of professional marketing consultants who have the ability to measurably improve overall sales and revenue. Marketing consulting services are retained by businesses who want to lead their industry and grow their revenue.

What we do at Viral Essence Marketing Group is provide a strategic platform for businesses to re-focus, re-imagine and re-set themselves to create a legacy of dynamic growth and success.

How we do that is by implementing business innovation and using the strategic messaging formula, our comprehensive internet marketing suite and systematized sales process to produce massive growth leading to the financial stability of the business, the owners, the employees and their families.

Why we do this … click on our image below and you’ll see our personal reasons, our personal motivations, our personal Why.


Averill Lehan

Averill Lehan

Marketing Director
Ruth Bay

Ruth Bay

Creative Director